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Let’s play all the games that can’t be played this weekend during the week before.  How about that?

Yeah, how about that? So a game week that lasts from Saturday to Thursday, sees many teams play twice, giving lots of opportunities for “why didn’t I play him?” moments.  In my own (and I’m not alone) case, it was a week to be bewitched by Bournemouth playing twice and ignoring that those 2 games were Liverpool and Man Utd, making the selection of Nathan Aké (to pluck a name seemingly at random) a good idea – 2 matches played, 1 point earned.  Decision making of that quality unfortunately decided the fate of this week’s departee, although in Matthew’s case it was Steve Cook.

The other effect of this elongation of the game week is that I’m sat here typing, when I should be girding my loins to join the Palace hordes on the train to Watford.  And I bet that gravity proves to be much stronger than normal in our penalty area – much too strong for one player to resist anyway.

Details are here:

Week 34

Average Score: 75.75 (4 participants) – overall competition average 64

Highest Score: 83 – overall competition high score 145

Overall Competitors: 5,887,889 (an increase of 13,712 – yep, I get that.)

Eliminated This Week:

With 69 points (a new high) : Holgate Hornets (Matthew Smith)
Gameweek Rank:
Key Selections:
Captain – Vardy (Leicester) : 8=16 – successful alternatives: 0
4 others scored 6 between them
Ah, yes.  One or two options here.
Playing Gross (Brighton) :12 instead of any of Doucouré (Watford) : 2, De Bruyne (Man City) : 1, Aubameyang (Arsenal) : 5 or our very own Troy Deeney : 2 would’ve been plenty.

Surviving this week:

gloryhornetboys (Mike James) : 78 (gross 82)
GloryHornetBoys (Glyn Francies) : 73

Top Scorer:

With 83 points : Maverick Hornets (Andrew Templeman)
Gameweek Rank:
Key Selections:
Lukaku (Man Utd) : C 8=16
Kane (Spurs) : 10
Sterling (Man City) : 10
Bench Boost yielded a further 10

And Week 35 is where none our remaining 3 want to be eliminated, which is a shame because those Cup matches have left us with very few matches, my team has so many not playing it looks like a Sunday league team the day after a stag do.  It’s a challenge.

Here is the sheet: WML_LMS_1718_WK34