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I am, as you’d expect, typing this while still (yes, days ago) buzzing over Monday’s events.

It’s only natural, therefore, to use Chelsea related metaphors when discussing this week’s fantasy failures.  It could be worse, I went to see Julius Caesar yesterday and I could be announcing our very own Cassius and Brutus.  But I’ve decided to stick with Chelsea because, well, it’s funnier and you all know how I like to amuse.


Anyway, today, we see the unexpectedly early elimination of a team who had been unchallenged all season, never being within 10 points of elimination, finally undone by catastrophic team selection (Doucoure as 2nd substitute – I mean, come on).  Yes, Stuart, this week it really has all gone a bit Conte.
Our other underperformer (yes we’re eliminating 2 teams this week) also goes because of unfortunate team selection – in this case Calvert-Lewin as 3rd substitute. Yes, Adam, as England’s T20 side found out yesterday, white ball cricket has its downs (and, as several found yesterday, outs).
With 2 going out, it means that only 1 more point would’ve been enough – choosing Salah as captain instead of the choices they actually made, for example.

This all does mean that we will finish a week early this season, as we’ll run out of players in Week 37.

What’s that? How did I do? Well, I had both Doucoure and Deloufeu accompanying Salah in my midfield, so I did very nicely, thank you.

Let’s look at those team selections, shall we?

Week 26

Average Score: 49.5 (14 participants) – overall competition average 43

Highest Score: 63 (almost our lowest this season) – overall competition high score 119

Overall Competitors: 5,760,715 (an increase of 25,630 – yeah)

Eliminated This Week:

With 36 points: All Gone Pozzo (Stuart Brant)
Gameweek Rank:
Key Selections:
Captain – Sterling (Man City) : 3=6 – successful alternatives: 2 (1 on the bench)
8 others scored 11 between them
Selecting Doucoure (Watford) : 10 instead of anyone except Salah would’ve done nicely.

With 36 points: White Ball Cricket (Adam Isaacs)
Gameweek Rank:
Key Selections:
Captain – de Bruyne (Man City) : 2=4 – successful alternatives: 3 (1 on the bench)
8 others scored 13 between them
Selecting Calvert-Lewin (Everton) : 5 instead of anyone except Salah might’ve been an idea.

Surviving this week:

gloryhornetboys (Mike James) – again : 40
Everyone else scored 47+

Top Scorer:

With 63 points : Fairfielders (Avi Govind)
Gameweek Rank:
Key Selections:
Salah (Liverpool) : C 15=30
Gross (Brighton) : 13
Everyone else 4 or less.

So just 12 players go into Week 27, which doesn’t finish until Thursday – but then it’s the FA Cup which, well, yeah.

I’ll just remind you how I signed off last week:
We, of course, have to wait until Monday – still it’s only Chelsea.
And, dear reader, it was, wasn’t it?

Here’s the sheet: WML_LMS_1718_WK26