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Wow, that was scary.  I don’t normally bang on about my team, but in this case I feel justified.

Faced with a fixture set that did not suit my squad and having a preponderance of Watford players who might not play along with Man City players who certainly would not (Hi, Sergio), I played my Free Hit – and made Raheem Sterling Captain, and Walker Vice-captain. Yep, that’s the rested Raheem Sterling, and the Walker who failed to prevent Doucoure from scoring despite all the help Douc’s gave him.  Not often I’m disappointed with a Watford goal but, come on guys, that cost me a lot of points.  So I’m looking at my paltry score and thinking I’m done – particularly when I’m still in the elimination zone with only a few scores to record.  Suddenly, however (thanks to some injudicous transfer activity and even unluckier captaincy decisions) I’m 8 points clear and survive another week.  But, my it was close.

In a week when every team scored (for the first time in 8 years, apparently), there were precious few points to be gained in defence, unless you got dead lucky, so more than ever this week it was all about the captaincy.

Here are the details:

Week 15

Average Score: 49.75 (28 participants) – overall competition average 45

Highest Score: 70 – overall competition high score 109

Total competitors: 5,923,196 (+20,988)

Eliminated This Week:

With 29 points: Germination (Martin Ingoe)
Gameweek Rank: 5,320,478 – bottom 10.18%
Key Selections:Captain – Arnautovic (West Ham) : 0=0 –
successful alternatives : 6 (when your Captain plays but scores 0 and you only need 2 points to have survived almost anyone else would’ve done.)
7 others scored 8
Bench: Nothing would’ve helped

With 29 points: the hornets sting (noel tillyard)
Gameweek Rank: 4,919,812 (based on gross score of 33) – bottom 16.94%
Key Selections:
Captain – Salah (Liverpool) 4=8 –
successful alternatives : 1 – Torreira (Arsenal) : 6
7 others scored 9
Transfer charges -4
Bench: King (Bournemouth) : 2 instead of Arnautovic (West Ham) : 0

With 30 points: Gracia’s Green Stripe (Donald Gunatillake)
Gameweek Rank: 4,799,295 (based on gross score of 34) – bottom 18.97%
Key Selections:
Captain – David Silva (Man City) 3=6 –
successful alternatives : 3 – Fraser (Bournemouth) : 12, Fabianski (West Ham) : 9 (on the bench), Hazard (Chelsea) : 5
7 others scored 7
Transfer charges -4
Bench: Fabianski : 9 instead of (thanks, Doucoure) Ederson : 2.

Surviving this week:

New Lane Legends (Matthew Smith) : 31
Lokomotiv Lemsip (er.. me) : 38 – having played my Free Hit so effectively

Top Scorer:

With 70 points : The Road to Success (Jeremy Davis)
Gameweek Rank: 211,697 – In the top 3.57%
Key Selections:
Kane (Spurs) : (C) 12=24
Richarlison (Everton) : 10
Maddison (Leicester) : 10

With 70 points : Unhippyman (Pete Fincham)
Gameweek Rank: 211,697 – In the top 3.57%
Key Selections:
Kane (Spurs) : (VC) 12=24 (Captain was Sterling – not just me, then)
Wilson (Bournemouth) : 12
Richarlison (Everton) : 10
No-one else scored more than 2 – just a 3 man team, Fincham

My team was covered in the first paragraph.  This week, I expect to feature in the Eliminated section.

So that’s Week 15 done and we now have just 25 teams going into Week 16.  Another 3 teams going means that we have just 1 more week before we drop to 1 score going out.
In the real world, of course, it’s the Marco Silva Love In – how many of you have made Richarlison captain, I wonder? Me, I’ve only made him VC, as I’m hoping Chicarito gives Palace a good seeing to – we can but hope.

Here’s the sheet:  WML_LMS_1819_WK15