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With just 4 scores to add, I was faced with the prospect of having 5 teams eliminated.

Luckily, none of those scores were particularly good and, in addition, we had another catastrophic elimination thanks to excessive transfer dealings (think of them as our little nod to FFP).  Normally with those, the normal scoring has been such that nothing could have saved the team but, in this case, not only were there 2 successful alternative captains, but a player on the bench who would’ve done so.  Unlucky, Stuart.*
The good thing is that it won’t be your name plastered over tomorrow’s back pages – another mid-table club has looked at the points gap to Fulham and panicked, apparently.**

Anyway, we’re no more here to think about the real world than we were last week, so back to fantasy land with us.

There we are, that’s better.  It’s not as crowded around here as it was, is it?  Another couple of weeks, and we’ll all be to sit down.  Here are the details.

Week 17

Average Score: 47 (22 participants) – overall competition average 43

Highest Score: 64 – overall competition high score 110

Total competitors: 5,974,353 (+25,659)

Eliminated This Week:

With 28 points: Deeney in a Bottle (Stuart Neilson)
Gameweek Rank: 3,599,098 (based on a gross score of 40) – bottom 39.76% (Not that close to bottom, then.  You can almost get elected President of the USA with that kind of finish.)
Key Selections:
Captain – Aubameyang (Arsenal) : 2=4 –
successful alternatives : 2
Hazard (Chelsea) : 13, Sane (Man City) : 10
8 others scored 13
Transfer charges -12
Rondon (Newcastle) : 7 instead of either Wilson (Bournemouth) or Alonso (Chelsea) : 1 each

Surviving this week:

Wonderstuff 18/19 (Paul Moston) : 33
‘Arrow ‘Orns (Paul Harris) : 39
5 others scored 41

Top Scorer:

With 64 points : GSFC (Gregory Scott)
Gameweek Rank: 270,498 – In the top 4.53%
Key Selections:
Hazard (Chelsea) : 13
Sterling (Man City) : C 6=12
Sane (Man City) : 10

My team picked up a comfortable net 56, thanks to Sane as Captain, so not only did I qualify for week 18, I also made it into the 2nd round of the global cup which started this week.  And still on target for my highest ever points total.  It can’t last, you watch.

That’s Week 17 in the record books and we have our first week with just the lowest score being eliminated.  It’s a bit like the snooker where we’ve done the elimination bit on 3 legged tables in dodgy clubs and we’ve now reached the televised rounds, but we’re still playing on 2 tables. We now have 21 teams going into Week 18.  A heads up to my loyal reader, there’s a Friday night football fiesta this week, so the team deadline is 7pm on Friday.

And we go to The Subsidy Stadium on Saturday.  They are on a run, of course, so what will it be for the Happy Hammers directors box – joyful punching of the air celebrating 6 wins in a row or sheepish looks from whoever authorised the Quina deal?

Here’s the sheet:  WML_LMS_1819_WK17

*Not that Stuart, obviously – be serious.
** Go one, admit it. You liked that.