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I’ve had a good run, but it’s all over now baby blue.

And if you are going to go out, go out in style, with a bang and a clap of thunder. Much better to do that than, say, set a new record low score, so far from safety, you’ld’ve needed to field two teams to even be able to see the immediate survivors. Yeah, shame about all that, then, because my team’s performance was not so very much in line with Watford’s at home to Newcastle, as that of the Minnesota Vikings at home to Chicago last night, where we* managed to make a total Minnesota of a situation where it was almost impossible to see where failure could actually be part of the outcome.
My fault for relying on West Ham players – Felipe Anderson as Captain, I mean in the cold light of day (and having seen MOTD2), the stupidity of that decision is so clear you can be excused for being amazed**.

Still, onwards and upwards, I’m still (somehow) on target for my best ever points total – you mean you don’t maintain a history of your performance over the years? Okay … just forget I wrote that, eh?

Here are the (sad and indeed gory) details

Week 20

Average Score: 43.68 (19 participants) – overall competition average 50.
If I kept stats I would suggest that that represents our worst ever performance against “the rest”.

Highest Score: 60 – overall competition high score 145.
See above.

Total competitors: 6,055,188 (+25,299)

Eliminated This Week:

With 17 points: Lokomotiv Lemsip (Richard Scrimshaw – me.)
Gameweek Rank: 5,980,692 (based on the gross score of 21) – bottom 0.82%
Yep, the actual GW Rank is even worse – luckily for me, they don’t supply it.
Key Selections:
Captain – Felipe Anderson (West Ham) : 2=4 –
successful alternatives : Don’t be ridiculous
8 others scored 10
Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Surviving this week:

JT11 (James Tweats) : 33 (gross 37)
New Lane Legends (Matthew Smith) : 33

Top Scorer:

With 60 points : All Gone Pozzo (Stuart Brant)***
Gameweek Rank: 1,472,425 – In the top 24.32%
Both of which are, by some distance, the worst we have recorded – you should be ashamed of yourself.
Key Selections:
Salah (Liverpool) : C 12=24
Rashford (Man Utd) : 11

My team is discussed in the paragraphs above; leave me alone, I’m hurting.

Ah, well, Week 20 is done and the 18 survivors are back in action tomorrow in Week 21.

And what delights do we have to look forward to? Bournemouth away. Oh, goodie. And then the small matter of Woking – that’s Woking, spelled B…a…n…a…n…a…s..k… oh, you’re there already. And after that? Palace!

Here’s the sheet: WML_LMS_1819_WK20

*The Vikings. 0-4 in Superbowls, all of which date from before my time as a fan, which is over 30 years. I don’t want to talk about it.
**Well, not you regular readers, obviously, my success in this competition is well documented in this here blog – go at look the very first post, go on.
***Rah. It is the lowest top score we’ve had this seasom, though, so there’s that.