Well that was exciting.  In NFL fantasy football, you can see the points changing with each play, which adds a dimension, there’s no denying.

This final week was only finally decided (in fact the lead changed hands on Best Performance bonus awards, after the matches had finished.

Here is a spreadsheet showing how the scores changed minute by minute (and just how close it was at the end): WML_LMS_MBM

So let’s get to it:

Week 38

Average Score: 76 (2 participants) – overall competition average 58

Highest Score: 77 – overall competition high score 143

The runner-up:

With 75 points: Off to Okavanga (Derek Fabb)
Gameweek Rank:
860,654 (out of 4,503,345).

And the winner is:

With 77 points : Forza Watford (Tom Guzik) for the 3rd week in a row.

Gameweek Rank: 273,630

Congratulations to Tom and commiserations to Derek – it was very, very close on the day.

Here’s the final sheet: WML_LMS

So that’s it.  It’s been fun to do.  If you have stuck with me all the way through, well done you.

If you want your team included next season, you have to be registered for Week 1.

Enjoy your Summer.