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The semi-final week.  The one week where you do not want to make a howler.

And in the case of our remaining 3 players, that’s how it turned out, no howlers played, it’s just that one player has to go.  That he should have gone out with a game week ranking of just 171,879 (out of almost 6 million) is evidence that everyone did what they could – the overall average score this week was just 30 (heck, even I beat that) while our 3 racked up an average of more than double that.  Chapeau to all 3 of them, I say.

From last week’s update:

And I bet that gravity proves to be much stronger than normal in our penalty area – much too strong for one player to resist anyway.

And overheard on the train home:

Some of their tackling was awful.  I expect they’ll have something to say about that on Match of The Day tonight.

I respectfully pointed out that you see what you want to see.

Anyway, enough about that, here are the details:

Week 35

Average Score: 66.33 (3 participants) – overall competition average 30

Highest Score: 73 – overall competition high score 111

Overall Competitors: 5,891,127 (an increase of 3,238 – still over 3,000 new players – in Week 35.)

Eliminated This Week:

With 59 points  : Maverick Hornets (Andrew Templeman)
Gameweek Rank:
171,879 (it hardly seems fair, does it?)
Key Selections:
Captain – Jesus (Man City) : 7=14 – successful alternatives: 0
6 others scored 10 between them
Nothing would have helped.

Surviving this week:

GloryHornetBoys (Glyn Francies) : 73 – rank 55,971

Top Scorer:

With 73 points : gloryhornetboys (Mike James)
Gameweek Rank:
Key Selections:
Salah (Liverpool) : C 7=14
Lacazette (Arsenal) : 13
Sterling (Man City) : 11

And so the final week is a Glory Hornet derby between Glyn’s Camel casers and Mike’s lower casers.  It’s also a standard week with 10 matches being played. We, of course, will finish it all off with a sensational win at Wembley (I’ve made Kane captain, which guarantees it), so my final update will be a week from today.  I’ll try to do a minute-by-minute sheet to show how the title was won and lost – control yourselves. So, have a good week till next week.*

Here is the sheet: WML_LMS_1718_WK35

*Kent Walton – ITV wrestling commentator.