This week, I had my 2nd ever email response to this little nonsense. The first one was a rather terse, “Where’s the bloody spreadsheet, then?” which was why I didn’t mention it at the time.
This week’s email queried my regular references to Page 1 and Page 2, pointing out that the workbook only has 1 sheet.  I had kind of assumed that my reader would be completely familiar with the workings of the official Fantasy Premier League website but apparently not. So, to be clear, when showing a league table (like the WML league, on which this competition is based) it splits the display at the 50th row, which will either be positions 1-50 or 1-49 plus your team if you are lower than 50th (which my team often is).  So, Page 1 is 1-50, Page 2 is (in our case) the rest.

Anyway, as it happens, this enquiry was from Fincham P, whose team of course were the top scorers last week – and whose team are, as if by divine decree, the lowest scorers this week. Hence the title of this update.  Oh, these things don’t write themselves, you know.

We take a little break now, for the excitement of the FA Cup – Burton Albion (who can’t buy a win) away to a Premier League powerhouse – what could possibly go wrong?

This week’s details, then:

Week 20

Average Score: 48.5 (20 participants) – overall competition average 49
Highest Score: 75 – overall competition high score 132
Lowest Surviving Score: 36

Eliminated this week:

32 UNHIPPYMAN (Pete Fincham)

Just (well, OK, then, comfortably) surviving this week:

36 Off To Okavanga (Derek Fabb)
37 Glory Hornet Boys (Simon Peat)

Top scorer this week with 75 points : When Ken’s Fishing (Ian Poole).

Remaining Teams 19.

Here’s the link to the sheet: