This blog was, of course, supposed to start after Week 1 but, owing to other priorities, it had to wait.

The good news is that I’m now completely organised and this will a breeze from now on … until it isn’t.

So, what’s this all about?  The WML run a highly popular Fantasy football league (91 entries at week 1) and I decided to operate a side competition – a Last Man Standing league.  How does it work? Well, if your team records the worst net points score of the week, they are eliminated.  Because of the numbers involved, of course, it will be the bottom 3 scores that will be eliminated.  And that’s it.

So, on with the catch up.

Week 1

Average Score: 44.54
Highest Score: 66
Lowest Surviving Score: 31


23 Pts Lokomotiv Lemsip (My own team)
24 Not Sure (Laurence Blake)
24 Well Hello Darlin (Andrew Carberry)
28 Harry Hornets coyh’s (Ian Dell)

Remaining Teams 87

Week 2

Average Score: 54.9 (of 87 participants)
Highest Score: 81
Lowest Surviving Score: 31


20 Mid Table Obscurity (Kith MacBowen)
27 JT11 (James Tweats)
29 Westbury Warriors (Graham Burley)

Remaining Teams 84

Week 3

Average Score: 38.86 (of 84 participants)
Highest Score: 64
Lowest Surviving Score: 23


14 Siggys Hornets (Simon Holzman)
18 Matzarri’s Men (Matthew Foskett)
22 Fairfielders (Avi Govind)

Remaining Teams 81

Week 4

Average Score: 47.71 (of 81 participants)
Highest Score: 92
Lowest Surviving Score: 30


20 Forza Watford!!! (Kevin Parker)
24 Fools Gold (Andrew Stocks)
29 Wfc are you? (Matthew Doughty)

Remaining Teams 78

And that’s us up to date.  I’ll try to put a new blog up each week. Below is (I hope an XL spreadsheet showing everyone’s scores each week (until they are eliminated, that is).

Until the next time.