As any Sunderland fan fears, get close to the bottom too often and you’re one piece of bad luck away from disaster.  So it proved this week, with one of our eliminated teams having survived last week by just 1 point and another by 4.  The 3rd team to go made 1 too many transfers and, in a week where 8 teams were safe by 5 points or fewer, that was enough.

Here are the details:

Week 12

Average Score: 43.49 (47 participants) – overall competition average 40
Highest Score: 63 – overall competition high score 106
Lowest Surviving Score: 30

Running out of luck this week:

24 Yellow F.C. (Andi Turner) – Survived by 4 last week
26 DuklaPrague Away Kit (Lee Bowen) – Survived by 1 last week
28 Wombles (Russ White) – this week’s transfers cost 4 points

Sighs of relief from:

30 AC Goat, Colchester Hornets, Horse & Jockey FC
31 Harry’s Hornets, Singwhenyourwinning
32 The Hornet Boys

Top of the survivors this week with 63 points (the 2nd lowest high score so far): Bowzers Ballers (Stuart Bower).

Remaining Teams 44

Here is a link to the latest sheet: