A weekend of two halves with the lowest goal scoring Saturday we’ve can remember followed by a pretty good Sunday, with some other match for good measure, was reflected in the performances of our final 5 with 3 decent scores and 2 not so decent.  Reflecting reality, it seemed almost appropriate that the lowest 2 teams scored identically but were separated by transfer charges.

Week 36 starts on Friday evening, so no making your team changes on Saturday morning …

Week 35

Average Score: 50.2 (5 participants) – overall competition average 46

Highest Score: 68 – overall competition high score 124

Lowest Surviving Score: 36

Eliminated this week:

With 32 points: Ratford Utd (Ian Hayter)

Key Selections:
Making Costa Captain 1 point = 2
But mainly, having 9 players score 15 points between them.

Gameweek Rank: 3,517,525 (out of 4,488,740).

Safe this week:

With 36 points:

Horns of a Dilemma (Adam Isaacs) – again

Top scorer this week with 68 points : Off to Okavanga (Derek Fabb)

Key Selections:

Cahill : Chelsea 14
King : Bournemouth 11
Sigurdsson : 10
Kane : Spurs C 5=10

Gameweek Rank: 226,145

Remaining Teams – Just 4.

And, just so you know, here they are:

Forza Watford Tom Guzik
Horns of a Dilemma Adam Isaacs
Off to Okavanga Derek Fabb
When Ken’s Fishing Ian Poole

Here is the sheet: