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There was a great wailing and gnashing of teeth from pundits this week about poor managers having to cope with matches on deadline day.

To be fair I have some sympathy with Conte (stop sniggering at the back), because he prepared for a match with his best forward and then had him taken away too late for his replacement to, er, actually replace him (I shan’t tell you again).
Over here in fantasy (or, to be more accurate, nightmare) land, we had similar concerns with a cheeky midweek set of matches being followed swiftly by a full weekend and hardly time to assess how to play that all important second wildcard to try and recoup the damage of the last couple of months – yes, the Watford parallels just keep on coming.

We even had another name change; stepping forward blinking into the light are the newly refashioned Gracia’s Amigos (fomerly known as Silva Hornets) – nice work, David Weale.

A strange gameweek, this one, particularly if your team was overburdened with, let’s say, Arsenal, Chelsea and Man Utd players.

Anyway, this is where we are:

Week 25

Average Score: 55.53 (15 participants) – overall competition average 47

Highest Score: 74 – overall competition high score 115

Overall Competitors: 5,735,035 (an increase of 23,623 – of course)

Eliminated This Week:

With 36 points: Choktaw Bingo (Andrew Taylor)
Gameweek Rank:
Key Selections:
Captain – Aguerro (Man City) : 6=12 – successful alternatives: 1
8 others scored 9 between them
Selecting Ogbonna (West Ham) : 2 instead of Jones (Man Utd) : -2 would’ve been plenty.

Surviving this week:

gloryhornetboys (Mike James) : 38
Everyone else scored 45+

Top Scorer:

With 74 points : Silva’s Nuggets (Donald Gunatillake)
Gameweek Rank:
Key Selections:
Salah (Liverpool) : C 8=16
Walcott (Arsenal) : 15
Sterling (Man City) : 10
4 players scored 2 or less.
Wilson (AFCB) : 12 was left on the bench as well.

14 players go into Week 26 which is (ulp) tomorrow.  We, of course, have to wait until Monday – still it’s only Chelsea.

Here’s the sheet: WML_LMS_1718_WK25