Well, that was close. I do these updates by going from top place in the main league for as far as I need to, with the result that Germination has been first score recorded every week – until this morning when I find that a mere 39 points this week has dropped them all the way to 3rd.  And those 39 points was the lowest score until I got down to 21st – quite had me going, for a while.

Following Pete Fincham’s sensational week, we have only 2 teams still surviving from the nether regions of page 2 of the full list – no names, no pack drill.

Personally, I almost didn’t get my team changes recorded in time today – hope you remembered.

This week’s details, then:

Week 19

Average Score: 48.19 (21 participants) – overall competition average 45
Highest Score: 69 – overall competition high score 120
Lowest Surviving Score: 33

Eliminated this week:

30 Jaspers Jets (Debs Vincent)

Just surviving this week:

33 Chringuito Allstars (Gareth Reynolds)
34 The Hornet Boys (John Harvey)

Top scorer this week with 69 points : UNHIPPYMAN (Mr Peter Fincham) – finds him back on page 1.

Remaining Teams 20 – from here on just the bottom score will be eliminated.

Here’s the link to the sheet: