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Playing your wildcard is supposed to improve things, isn’t it?

Just to demonstrate how much free time I have on my hands today, I’ve actually done a bit of research on this.
Active competitors have played their wildcards on 32 occasions. Comparing the scores those teams achieved in that weeks to the overall average score shows that they scored lower than average on no fewer than 22 of those game weeks. So it’s no guarantee of success.
And, sure enough, this week’s bottom 2 both played their 2nd half wildcard (you get 2 per season). Mind you, the eliminated team has been flirting with disaster for a while, now.

Here are the details

Week 21

Average Score: 50.22 (18 participants) – overall competition average 54.
Another low score compared to “the rest”.

Highest Score: 70 – overall competition high score 114.

Total competitors: 6,078,646 (+23,458)

Eliminated This Week:

With 27 points: New Lane Legends (Matthew Smith)
Gameweek Rank: 5,997,759 (Having, I repeat, played his wildcard) – bottom 1.33%
Key Selections:
Captain – Felipe Anderson (West Ham) : 2=4 (For the 2nd week in a row – almost Kanesque) –
successful alternatives : er, none.
7 others scored 11

Surviving this week:

Tallahatchie Bridge (Andrew Taylor) : 38 (Having played etc

Top Scorer:

With 70 points : Unhippyman (Peter Fincham)
Gameweek Rank: 593,967 – In the top 9.77%
Key Selections:
Kane (Spurs) : C 12=24
Fraser (Bournemouth) : 12
Rashford (Man Utd) : 12

My team’s performance is no longer your concern.

So, Week 21 is done and the 17 survivors are back in action on Saturday.

And in the real world, ooh look – Palace. But who did we get in the 4th of the cup? Newcastle or Blackburn – away. Happy New Year, indeed.

Here’s the sheet: WML_LMS_1819_WK21

Oh, and I’ve decided that you all deserve a WML Cup competition, so watch this space.

*Only a bit, mind. I failed A Level Pure Maths and dropped out of Quantitive Techniques in what would’ve been my accountancy training.** There are friends of mine on the mailing list who are statasticians, but they don’t read this blog***, so I’m on my own.
**It’s a long story.
***And I really hope they don’t start with this one.