A huge penultimate week with almost all sides playing twice, particularly those at the top so little chance of players being rotated out then … shame nobody told the real world managers.  A particular big thank you to Conte for resting my captain Cahill on Monday, for example.  And Kyle Walker – 6 minutes over 2 matches?  Ah, well, there’s always next season.

But you’re not here to read about my inability to pick a high scoring team – you’re here to read about other people’s inability to pick a high enough scoring team … when it really mattered.  Because this was the week it really did matter; do well and you’re in the head to head final week; do not so well and you finish 3rd, which is a great achievement, but not the top 2.  So let’s get to it:

Week 37

Average Score: 137.67 (3 participants) – overall competition average 81

Highest Score: 152 – overall competition high score 223 (!!!!)

Lowest Surviving Score: 143

Eliminated this week:

With 118 points: When Ken’s Fishing (Ian Poole)
Oh, after being the highest placed survivor for quite a while, Ian goes at the second last.  And check out that gameweek rank.

Key Selections:
Sanchez : Captain 27=54
Kane : 31
No other player scored double figures – best of the rest was Capoue with 9.

Gameweek Rank: 476,281 (out of 4,501,614).

Safe this week:

With 143 points:

Off to Okavanga (Derek Fabb)

Top scorer this week with 152 points : Forza Watford (Tom Guzik) for the 2nd week in a row.

Key Selections:

Sanchez : Arsenal C 27=54
Jesus : Man City 19
De Bruyne : Man City 15
Bench Boost – where all of your bench players score (you get 1 of these) yielded 23 points.

Gameweek Rank: 63,656

Remaining Teams – 2. It’s head to head on Sunday. And you get nothing for second place.*

And, just so you know, here they are:

Forza Watford Tom Guzik
Off to Okavanga Derek Fabb

Here is the sheet:


*Actually, you get nothing for winning the thing either but, you know.