A bit of a snatched update between the final match of the week and our next bit of post-Christmas socialising, so there’ll be no great insights offered this time (this time?).
As promised this was the final week that saw the bottom 3 scores eliminated and, with such a high scoring week, it was no surprise to see all the eliminated teams scoring in the high 30s.

This week’s details, then:

Week 18

Average Score: 54.63 (24 participants) – overall competition average 54
Highest Score: 77 – overall competition high score 124
Lowest Surviving Score: 40

Eliminated this week:

37 Happy Hornets (Nick Garvey)
38 Bowzers Ballers (Stuart Bower)
39 Colchester Hornets (Brad Flack)

Just surviving this week:

40 Wonderstuff 2016-17 (Paul Moston)
41 Off to Okavanga (Derek Fabb)

Top scorer this week with 77 points : Game of Throwins (James Frankland) – for the second week in a row!

Remaining Teams 21 – from here on just the bottom score will be eliminated.

Here’s the link to the sheet.  This week’s enhancement is to show just how close each team has been to elimination so far.  Every team has, at some point, survived by 5 or fewer points with the exception of Ratford United whose survival by 6 this week was their closest so far.