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So Week 31 saw just 4 matches and record high scores; this week we had a full set of 10 and …

… hmmm.  An unfortunate choice (actually, 2 unfortunate choices) of substitute and it’s goodbyeee.  But with us being down to the final 7, there’s nowhere to hide – only 2 players scored below 55, and the rest were in the 70s.

I have, in the past, made mention of my own (limited) success in this fantasy football thing and this weekend saw me drop back to the bottom of the Head-to-head league.  Still on course for my best ever total score, even so.

Let’s look at the details:

Week 32

Average Score: 62.86 (7 participants) – overall competition average 48

Highest Score: 75 – overall competition high score 125

Overall Competitors: 5,862,584 (an increase of 17,584 – what??)

Eliminated This Week:

With 42 points : What, Ford? (Graeme Ford)
Gameweek Rank:
3,359,439 (based on gross score of 46)
Key Selections:
Captain – Salah (Liverpool) : 7=14 – successful alternatives: 2 (both on the bench)
6 others scored 8 between them
Ah, yes.  Easy to say from here, but playing Chilwell (Leicester) : 11 instead of either Otamendi (Man City) : 2 or Azpilicueta (Chelsea) : 1 would’ve done it – as would playing Milicojevic (Palace) : 9 instead of our very own Doucouré : 1.

Surviving this week:

Fairfielders (Avi Govind) : 49 (-4)
Everyone else scored 56+

Top Scorer:

With 75 points : Unknown XI (Pete Whiteley) (for the second week in a row)
Gameweek Rank:
Key Selections:
Aubameyang (Arsenal) : C 13=26 (No points for handing a penalty to a team mate? No)
Alli (Spurs) : 15

And so just 6 go into Week 33. (I had this figure incorrect for the updates from weeks 30 and 31 – I have updated them so that future historians will not be confused. What do you mean, What historians?)

Here’s the sheet: WML_LMS_1718_WK32