Well, just like Walter Mazzarri at the end of August, I played my Wildcard this week, disposing of a host of players I felt I could do without and bringing in those shiny new faces that would shoot the mighty Sips up the league.  And, I have to say, I was not disappointed, racking up 80 big points – if only I’d selected the right captain.  But I’m confident that this remodelled squad will have the quality to get the team to the WML promised land – Page 1 of the list.   Yes I know, it’s not much of an ambition, but when you got eliminated from your own competition in Week 1, you set your sights accordingly.

However, you didn’t come here for news about the mighty Lokomotiv Lemsip, you came here to see if that 2nd transfer cost you more than just the 4 pts .  If so, I’ve got bad news, for you ,Tony Baines.

There is a long casualty list this week, thanks to a fairly high cut off point (it was a high scoring week) and no fewer than 5 sides achieving a net 37 points.

And, before I forget, in a moment of pure poetry, and showing that the gods of fantasy football do indeed have a glorious sense of timing, the joint highest scoring team eliminated this week was … Man Utd.

OK, here are the details.

Week 5

Average Score: 55.73 (of 78 participants)
Highest Score: 81
Lowest Surviving Score: 41


35 The hornets sting (Noel Tillyard).
37 Athacad (Tony Baines)
37 LamborDeeney (Antony Stunt)
37 TroyDollies (Rik Dryden)
37 Virginia Horns (Richard Holmes)
37 Walters Wonders (Donald Gunatillake)
40 Damage Limitation FC (Joe Whitbread)
40 Man Utd (James Bond)

Remaining Teams 70

I’m on holiday next week, so unless I can get this all working on my tablet, I’ll have a double update after Week 7.

Have fun at Burnley, if you’re going, and at home to Bournemouth.  See you around.