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Look, it’s just gone midnight on Christmas Eve, what do want?

This week saw a pretty tight elimination race yet again decided by captaincy decisions, while the top scorer of the week was this close* to glory

Here are the details

Week 18

Average Score: 51.19 (21 participants) – overall competition average 55. Not often we’re outscored by the other 5,999,940, but there you go

Highest Score: 81 – overall competition high score 137

Total competitors: 6,000,010 (+25,657)

Eliminated This Week:

With 32 points: Death to Life (Adam Isaacs)
Gameweek Rank: 5,579,158 – bottom 7.01%
Key Selections:
Captain – Hazard (Chelsea) : 2=4 –
successful alternatives : 3
Vardy (Leicester) : 9, Maddison (Leicester) : 6, Fraser (Bournemouth) : 4
6 others scored 6
Nothing would’ve helped.

Surviving this week:

New Lane Legends (Matthew Smith) : 33
Glory Hornet Boys (Glyn Francies) : 36 – having played his Wild Card

Top Scorer:

With 81 points : Wonderstuff 18/19 (Paul Moston)
Gameweek Rank: 327,652 – In the top 5.46%
Key Selections:
Son (Spurs) : 21
van Dijk (Liverpool) : 15
Aubameyang (Arsenal) : 13
Pereyra : 12
Consider that, in addition, Paul left both Brooks (Bournemouth) : 15 and Foster : 11 on the bench and selected Mane** as Captain : 3=6. That could have been in the 140s, against an overall top score of 137 – like I said earlier this close

My team was actually the second highest scorers out of the remaining 21, picking up a very nice 73, thanks to playing my Bench Boost. Easy, this lark

So, Week 18 is done and we are down the final 20 teams going into Week 19. The game weeks come thick and fast, and we’re at it again on Boxing Day.

And it will be Chelsea, whose manager thinks he may need a sports psycologist. Funnily enough, several of us were lucky enough to be listening/chatting to one just a couple of weeks back – used to wear a pink shirt – absolutely bonkers. Let’s hope that Sarri is more in need of a very stiff drink come 9:30 on Wednesday.

And let me just finish by wishing you, loyal reader, a very Merry Christmas and may 2019 bring you all you hope for. The FA Cup would be nice, wouldn’t it?

Here’s the sheet: WML_LMS_1819_WK18

*I mean it – this close, check out the details.
**Yes, I know. It’s this new editor. I suddenly am unable to add special characters within body paragraphs without jumping through hoops. I have told them.