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Well, that’s typical isn’t it – you give it all the big build up and … it’s damp squib time.

The final tie, the Glory Hornet Boys derby.  The big one, etc, etc.  If I were Peter Drury, making this sound exciting would be easy-ish.  As I’m not, you’ll have to make do with this little piece of brilliance from David Squires https://www.theguardian.com/football/ng-interactive/2018/may/01/david-squires-on-peter-drury-commentator-what-is-football-if-not-for-dreaming but anyway this, rather like Spurs last night just never got going and at one point was as competitive as the Old Firm games have become (and threaten to be for some time if Stevie gets the job, can you imagine having your backside handed to you by a Brendan Rodgers team at least 4 times a season).

Anyway, enough about that, here are the details:

Week 36

Average Score: 57 (2 participants) – overall competition average 44

Highest Score: 71 – overall competition high score 119

Overall Competitors: 5,898,179 (an increase of 7,052 – someone offered a rational explanation for this last night – something to do with weekly prizes.  Personally, I’m thinking far eastern betting syndicates – there’s probably a market on the 5th digit or something.)

Runner Up:

With 43 points  : gloryhornetboys (City ‘Orns very own Mike James)
Gameweek Rank:
2,400,463 (based on a gross score of 47)
Key Selections:
Captain – Kane (Spurs) : 6=12 – successful alternatives: 0
5 others scored 7 between them
The good transfer (Pogba : 10) in for a non-playing David Silva happened automatically.  There was nothing else.

The Winner:

GloryHornetBoys (Glyn Francies) : 71 – rank 90,227 (his overall ranking in the normal cumulative league is 677.)

Top Scorer:

With 71 points : GloryHornetBoys (Glyn Francies)
Gameweek Rank:
90,227 (his overall ranking in the normal cumulative league is 677.)
Key Selections:
Zaha (Palace) : 14
Sterling (Man City) : 12
C Salah (Liverpool) : 3=6
If you’d like to speculate on how good it could’ve been, Glyn played the Newcastle keeper and 2 defenders (so 3 non-clean sheets).

So, it’s all over and as we leave Glyn loking round hopefully for a trophy* it’s goodby from me and hopefully see many more of you next season.

Here is the final sheet: WML_LMS_1718_WK36
And here is how the trophy* was won: WML_LMS_1718_WK36_MBM – note that there is a Summary sheet giving the situation at HT and FT of each set of matches and then a separate tab for each set, with a minute-by-minute score progress.  Yes, that’s how dedicated I am to your entertainment.

*there is no trophy.