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Well, this is odd.  We appear to have a player who has withdrawn from the League.

Yep, a player who was in the WML league last week, isn’t there this week.  A bit odd, but having just consulted the rules of this competition had a think about it, all I can do is record his score as 0 for this week and eliminate him.

A high scoring week, this one, with the clear exception of defenders and goalkeepers – just 4 clean sheets and those by Cardiff, Newcastle, Leicester and Liverpool – none of whose keepers are likely to be that popular, I would’ve thought.  Up front, life was much easier, make Agüerro captain and stand back being the order of the day – heck, even Kane scored and Deeney with a goal and an assist racked up points.  And Richarlison scored again – come on, get over it, he’s a points machine.

So lets get down to it.

Week 2

Average Score: 68.3 (57 participants) – overall competition average 60

Highest Score: 97 – overall competition high score 153

Eliminated This Week:

With No Score : bunch of arse (Russ Barker)

With 24 points: Penge (Joe Bridge)
Gameweek Rank:
4,350,375 – beating 17.38% (based on a gross score of 44).
Key Selections:
Captain – Sané (Man City) : 4=8 – 1 successful alternatives (on the bench)
6 others scored 7.
Transfer costs of 20 points (er, WildCard a better option)
Deeney (Watford) :12 for any of Pereyra (Watford), Neves (Wolves) or Firminho (Liverpool), who scored 2 each, would’ve done it.

Surviving this week:

GSFC (Gregory Scott) : 33
Happy Hornets (Nick Garvey) : 40

Top Scorer:

With 97 points : Jazz and Rave 2 (Ben Williams)
Gameweek Rank:
85,546 – In the top 1.76%
Key Selections:
Agüerro (Man City) : (C) 20 = 40
Trippier (Spurs) : 11

Finally, a word about my own team this week – 90 points (gross 98 – Gameweek rank 84,410), since you asked. Currently sitting pretty at position 883,055.  It won’t last, of course, which is why I’m getting it in now.

Anyway, that’s Week 2 done and 55 teams going into Week 3.  Good luck all.

Here’s the sheet: WML_LMS_1819_WK02

See you next week