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We’ve been away – Lille, since you ask. Which is why this is a bit late.

Rather odd experience, watching a live match to an accompaniment of metal from the speakers, but it didn’t stop me enjoying the win.

In fantasy land, it was a funny old week, Saint, with points once more at an absolute premium – unless you went for the Liverpool defence, or the Man City defence. Of course, if you went for the Man Utd defence, things were not so good. And if you bought into the whole “Pogba’s back to his best” narrative, or the “Emery’s sorted out Aubameyang.” Luckily, I at least had one of them on the bench.

It was also Cup week again. The 4th Round, or Quarter finals to you, but more of that in a minute. Let’s deal with the week’s elimination, shall we?

Week 29

Average Score: 45.33 (9 participants) – overall competition average 40.

Highest Score: 59 – overall competition high score 106.

Total competitors: 6,239,462 (+12,922)

Eliminated This Week:

With 35 points: Unhippyman (Pete Fincham)
Gameweek Rank: 4,426,339 – bottom 29.06% (that’s almost a third of the way up)
Key Selections:
Captain – Hazard (Chelsea) : 6=12 –
successful alternatives : 0
7 others scored 7
Well, now. Playing Ward-Prowse (Southampton) : 8 instead of pretty much anyone would have done it, while playing Wan-Bissaka (Palace) : 5 instead of Mee (Burnley) : 0 would also have done it.

Surviving this week:

Foxes in da boxes (Jon Gowshall) : 39

Top Scorer:

With 59 points : Forza Watford! (Kevin Parker)
Gameweek Rank: 126,821 (based on gross score of 63) – In the top 2.03%
Key Selections:
Hazard (Chelsea) : C 6=12
Jiménez (Wolves) : 12

So Week 29 is in the books – and another poor one from me. We have 8 going into Week 30

Here’s the sheet: WML_LMS_1819_WK29

The 4th round of this season’s WML Cup competition also happened this week. The full results are here but I’ll give them in full anyway.

Colchester Hornets (Brad Flack) 5153 Vicarage Roeders (James McNeil)
Greffers (Greg White) 5454 Not Sure (laurence blake)*
Wombles FC (Russ White) 4340 The dragon slayer (Josh Morris)**
Goalden Boys (Chris Gomm) 3355 All Gone Pozzo (Stuart Brant

The Semi-finals are this week and will feature the following line-ups:
Vicarage Roeders v Greffers
Wombles FC v All Gone Pozzo

*Greffers won the tie 3-2 on Goals Scored. Not Sure win the Victor Meldrew award.
**Wombles FC win the Tommy Trinder award.