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Welcome back to another season of excitement achievement disappointment.  It’s time to find out who can show the focus of Marco Silva, the devil may care attitude of Mourinho and the guts to make Kane captain in August.

I’ll repeat the opening paragraph of last year’s Week 1 post.
If you’ve no idea what’s going on, think Bake Off; for the first half of the season, the teams with the lowest 2 scores in each week are eliminated.  Once we get to about week 20 it becomes just the team(s) with the lowest score that goes.  If all goes well (as it almost did last season) the final week sees just 2 teams left and it becomes a head to head that week.

A little disappointing on the entry level front with just 59 hardy souls on the grid.

Now, there are 2 ways of going out of this competition:
1) Your entire squad has a bad day and it’s your fault for buying the useless bunch.
2) Some of your squad had quite good days but that dosen’t include the sure thing you made captain, but probably does include the makeweight you left on the bench.  It’s still your fault, of course, because you made those choices, nobody else.

And we see examples of both of these right here in Week 1; so lets see who gets the blame.

Week 1

Average Score: 60.27 (59 participants) – overall competition average 53

Highest Score: 100 – overall competition high score 137

Eliminated This Week:

With 30 points: Greffers (Greg White)
Gameweek Rank:
4,307,895 (out of 4,870,213) – beating 11.55% of the field.
Key Selections:
Captain – Aubameyang (Arsenal) : 2=4 – successful alternatives: 0
7 others scored 9 points between them.
Nothing would’ve helped.

With 33 points: When Harry met Alli (Ian Saunders)
Gameweek Rank:
4,159,531 – beating 14.59%.
Key Selections:
Captain – Agüerro (Man City) : 2=4 – 3 successful alternatives (including 1 on the bench)
8 others scored 11.
Zaha (Palace) :5 for de Bruyne (Man City) : 0 would’ve done it.

Surviving this week:

Worst Winners Ever (Ash Peters) : 36
Jaspers Jackels (Debs Vincent)
Under Javi Manners (Mark Lennon)
Winners FC (Connor Carpenter) : All with 40

Top Scorer:

With 100 points : All Gone Pozzo (Stuart Brant)
Gameweek Rank:
13,594 – In the top 0.28%
Key Selections:
Salah (Liverpool) : (C) 8 = 16
Mané (Liverpool) : 16
Mendy (Man City) : 15
Richarlison (Watford Bloody Everton) : 14
Robertson (Liverpool) : 11
van Aanholt (Palace) : 11
And he left Wan-Bissaka (Palace) : 12 on the bench.

In hindsight, it was obvious; Liverpool at home to West Ham – points galore; Man City at Arsenal – well the Man City defence obvs; Palace at Fulham – easy, apparently.  And then there’s Richarlison – surely you’ve not let personal feelings get in the way, have you? Even now he’s only £6.6m, what are you waiting for?

Anyway, that’s Week 1 in the archive and 57 teams into Week 2.  Playing Kabelese worked out well there – what about this week?

Here’s the sheet: WML_LMS_1819_WK01

See you next week