Back in August, we started with 92 players and here we are, after 30 game weeks, down to the last 10 – 10 green bottles hanging on the thin threads of (among others) Arsenal’s defensive strength, Dele Alli’s clinical finishing, Chelsea’s refusal to do anything else but win … all of which let me down.

So how did it go this week?  Who is this week’s Big Fat Sam and, more importantly, this week’s David Moyes – liable to get a slap, indeed.

Week 30

Average Score: 40.7 (10 participants) – overall competition average 40
Highest Score: 54 – overall competition high score 103
Lowest Surviving Score: 36

Eliminated this week:

With 29 points: Dublin Over (Mark Carpenter)
Key Selections:
Lukaku as Captain (2=4) instead of Mawson (5 would’ve been 10)
Mignolet (3) instead of Forster (7).
Gameweek Rank: 3,797,214

Safe this week:

With 36 points all 4 of:
gloryhornetboys (Mike James),
Horns of a Dilemma (Adam Isaacs),
Off to Okavanga (Derek Fabb),
Ratford United (Ian Hayter)

Top scorer this week with 54 points : Forza Watford (Tom Guzik).
Key Selections:
ardy : Leicester Captain 7=14
Valencia : Man Utd 8
Gameweek Rank: 484,854

Remaining Teams – just 9.
Actually, having just rechecked my arithmetic, if Mark had made the changes I suggest above, it still wouldn’t have been enough to save him and we would’ve had 5 teams eliminated; so for weeks 35-38 I would’ve been sitting here twiddling my thumbs.  So, thanks, Mark, much appreciated.

Here is the sheet: