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Wow, so many points. Just so many.

So many, in fact, that we equalled this season’s record for the highest eliminated points score – and that previous mark was set with 2 teams eliminated, so it wasn’t the lowest score that week. Admit it, you’re a little bit worried and just went to check didn’t you?

Here are the details

Week 19

Average Score: 64.35 (20 participants) – overall competition average 59. Back to outscoring the field.

Highest Score: 93 (gross 97) – overall competition high score 145

Total competitors: 6,029,959 (+29,949)

Eliminated This Week:

With 38 points: Siggy’s Hornets (Simon Holzman)
Gameweek Rank: 5,519,054 – bottom 8.47%
Key Selections:
Captain – Sterling (Man City) : 2=4 –
successful alternatives : 1
Sigurdsson (Everton) : 11 (on the bench)
7 others scored 13
Sigurdsson instead of any of 6 others.

Surviving this week:

Una Poca de Gracia (L Dupont) : 45
Everyone else scored more than 50.

Top Scorer:

With 93 points : Forza Watford (Tom Guzik)
Gameweek Rank: 41,585 (based on gross score of 97) – In the top 0.69%
Key Selections:
Salah (Liverpool) : C 12=24
Digne (Everton) : 17
Pogba (Man Utd) : 15
Son : 13

My team was bang average this week, because I chose a non-playing captain – and none of my bench played so he couldn’t be subbed out. My Vice-captain did score 8=16 though, which saved the day somewhat although not enough to keep me in the Cup, losing 59-61 to a 2 man team (Salah as Captain and Felipe Anderson). Still in this competition, though. Still in this competition.

Week 19 is done and we are halfway there. The 19 survivors are back in action tomorrow in Week 20.

Newcastle tomorrow – the same dominance as we managed up there would be nice, but with some finishing. On that subject, voting for Goal of the Season is going to fun, isn’t it?

Here’s the sheet: WML_LMS_1819_WK19