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Friday evening was magnificent for all Watford fans, wasn’t it? All?

Well, not, perhaps for any who had, for sake of argument, left Deulofeu on the bench of their fantasy team; as first substitute, let’s say. Still, the rest of their team performed OK, in fact, they were in the top 57% of scorers, so it’s all good, right?
Sure they made 2 transfers, at a cost of 4 points but, hey, they’ve been doing that all season and survived so far, so why should this week be any different? Unfortunately, in a week where points are hard to find, and when we’re down to the business end of the competition, it becomes much more difficult to carry even a 4 point penalty. Particularly if you leave on the bench the player who delivers the performance of the season – that’s the Watford player who delivers etc and so on.
You do all that, then survival is more problematic.

And to top it all? If Emery had left Aubameyang on the bench, instead of bringing him on for the last 15 minutes (for 1 measly point), he would have been automatically subbed out for Gerry, and I’d be writing about someone else’s misfortune. Instead, I laughed like a drain when I realised the full situation.

Hi, Darren.

Here’s the full horror.

Week 27

Average Score: 47.91 (11 participants) – overall competition average 35.

Highest Score: 67 – overall competition high score 114.

Total competitors: 6,221,161 (+26,982)

Eliminated This Week:

With 34 points: DY Army (Darren Sear)
Gameweek Rank: 2,617,624 (based on gross score of 38) – bottom 57.92%
Key Selections:
Captain – Felipe Anderson (W Ham) : 2=4
successful alternatives : 5 (incl 2 on the bench)
4 others scored 5
Transfer charge: -4
Playing Deulofeu (WFC) : 23 instead of anybody, anbody at all or playing Roberston (Liverpool) : 8 instead of anybody but Kolasinic :8 and Jiménez : 7.

Surviving this week:

Singing Ringing Tree (Andrew Taylor) : 36
Forza Watford (Tom Guzik) : 38

Top Scorer:

With 67 points : GloryHornetBoys (Glyn Francies)
Gameweek Rank: 25,717 (based on gross score of 71) – In the top 0.41%
Key Selections:
Deulofeu (WFC) : 23
Kolasinic (Arsenal) : C 8=16

So there we are, Week 27 is over and done and we are down to the final 10. They need to get themselves organised because Week 28 is already upon us and the deadline is 18:45 tonight! And if that wasn’t enough, this week is also the 3rd round of the WML Cup*!

This week’s real world WFC action sees us go to Anfield. All I can find are articles about how Liverpool are misfiring – anyone else going to make Gerry D triple captain?

Here’s the sheet: WML_LMS_1819_WK27

*You remember. Like the CheckatradeJohnstone’sPaintZenithDataSystems Cup, but without the interest.