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Crumbs, points were hard to come by this week.

A high of just 62, a pretty low average of 44.33 (againt an ever lower overall of 42) and, after a few weeks of fairly high scoring eliminations, we hit the buffers pretty hard.

And the next Game Week is already almost here, and we’ve got the 1st of the WML Cup to deal with, so what are hanging around for? Let’s go!

Week 24

Average Score: 44.33 (15 participants) – overall competition average 42.

Highest Score: 62 – overall competition high score 114.

Total competitors: 6,157,913 (+19,348)

Eliminated This Week:

With 27 points: GSFC (Gregory Scott)
Gameweek Rank: 5,476,757 – bottom 11.06%
Key Selections:
Captain – Sané (Man City) : 2=4 –
successful alternatives : 1 – Lindlehöf (Man Utd) : 10.
8 others scored 10
Playing Barnes (Burnley) : 6 instead of Digne (Everton) : -2, would’ve done it. Digne’s 2nd consecutive negative score and the 2nd consecutive week that a team has gone out having selected him. Having Barnes as 3rd Sub was an understable call – I made it too, as if that helps.

Surviving this week:

Andy’s Aces (Andrew Lennox) : 33
only 3 teams scored over 50

Top Scorer:

With 62 points : Singing Ringing Tree* (Andrew Taylor)
Gameweek Rank: 344,922 – In the top 5.60%
Key Selections:
Aubameyang (Arsenal) : C 12=24
Brooks (Bournemouth) : 12

So that’s Week 24 over and done and 14 survivors head in to week 25 starting on Saturday. Because of fixture rearrangments related (I’m guessing here) to the League Cup Final, Man City and Everton both play twice. They will, therefore, not be involved in week 27, along with Chelsea – you may need to plan transfer activity accordingly.

And in the real world, we have a chance to show that Wednesday’s dismal showing was not the first evidence of our much reported tendency to down tools in the second half of a season; will we take it?

Here’s the sheet: WML_LMS_1819_WK24

The first round of this season’s WML Cup competition also happened this week. The full results are here.

For your delection, though, here are some highlights:

The Victor Meldrew** Award was won by:

Wonderstuff 18/19 (Paul Moston) for losing 58-68 to Bangkok Utd (Clive Silver).

Honourable mentions to:
The Road to Success (Jeremy Davis) 55-58 Wombles FC (Russ White)
Siggy’s Hornets (Simon Holzman) 54-64 Worst Winners Ever (Ash Peters)

The Tommy Trinder** Award was won by:

Andy’s Aces (Andrew Lennox) for winning 33-31 against Happy Hornets (Nick Garvey)

Rueful shaking heads in the direction of:
Lokomotive Lemsip (er, that’s me) 38-29 Penge (Joe Bridge)
Fool’s Gold (Andrew Stocks) 41-27 New Lane Legends (Matthew Smith)

The 2nd Round is scheduled for Game Week 26

*The team formerly known as Tallahatchie Bridge
**The highest scoring losers – “I don’t believe it!”
***The lowest scoring winners – “You lucky people!” (TT’s catchphrase, you know)