Alternate Title was a hit for the Monkees in 1967and you are probably wondering what on earth that has to do with the subject matter of this blog.  Well, consider its title And then I made Cattermole Captain – it could easily have been one of 2 other alternatives* all of which capture the frustration of this game, and the huge possibilities for hindsight and second guessing.
Anyway, to business; no fewer than 6 of last week’s 37 survivors did so despite having to bear a transfer cost.  All 6 of them decided to do it again this week and they were joined by 5 others. Unfortunately, 2 of those were eliminated, which just goes to show you how easy this thing would be if we new what was actually going to happen.  Mind you, some of the risks that were taken …

And bear in mind, as I reveal the (as it turned out) catastrophic decisions, that I was the lowest scoring team eliminated in Week 1 – so that’s how good I am at this stuff.

The details, then:

Week 15

Average Score: 47.97 (37 participants) – overall competition average 46
Highest Score: 67 – overall competition high score 119
Lowest Surviving Score: 32

Eliminated this week:

28 Harry’s Hornets (Chris Hyde) – charged 8 points for transfers
30 Cotswold ‘Orns (Martin Coupe) – benched 3 of last week’s team, unfortunately 2 of these were Sigurdsson (13) and Diomande (6)
30 Stan Welbeck (Andy Page) – who didn’t transfer out Aguerro or Austin
31 Massena Hornets (Mark Milward) – did trasnfer out Aguerro (and Marney) for Defoe (2) and Sanchez (5) one of which he made captain and the other he left on the bench.  You’re way ahead of me, aren’t you?

Finally able to come out from behind the sofa:

32 TBC (Iain Sears) – took a 12 (!!) point hit this week and survived by 1 point.

Top scorer this week with 67 points : A game of two thirds (Jon Gowshall) – Costa as captain (didn’t we all?) and transferred in Origi (9) for Austin.  Still had Pereyra and.Success on the bench, though, I notice.

Remaining Teams 33 – dropping just the lowest score now scheduled for Week 20.

Here’s the link to the sheet – note that from now I mark the cost of transfers and where the highest, and lowest placed survivor are in the main league :


* The 2 I was thinking of were:
So I put him on the bench and played Cattermole
So I transferred him out and brought in Cattermole
both of which are much too long and neither of which is quite as snappy.