So, it’s taken 17 weeks, but it’s finally happened – one of the 3 Glory Hornet Boys teams has bitten the dust.
And this week we had the lowest safety margin for the week’s top teams (just 25 points) along with the highest eliminated score (37) since that freak week 5, when we lost 8 teams and 2 of them had scored 40.

As I mention at the bottom, next week will be the final week that sees the bottom 3 scores eliminated – from the New Year, just the bottom score will go.

This week’s details, then:

Week 17

Average Score: 48.11 (27 participants) – overall competition average 47
Highest Score: 62 – overall competition high score 114
Lowest Surviving Score: 37

Eliminated this week:

34 AC Goat (Andrew Templeman) – lost 4 points due to transfers which, as it happened, saved 2 others.
36 GloryHornetBoys (Glyn Francies)
37 TBC (Iain Sears)

Saved only by the 4 points charged to AC Goat:

38 Colchester Hornets (Brad Flack), Mrs Dells Bloomers (Mrs Dell)

Top scorer this week with 62 points : Game of Throwins (James Frankland), No Hopers (Richard Lake).

Remaining Teams 24 – next week (Boxing Day) will be the last time I drop the bottom 3.

Happy Christmas to my reader.  Hope your team is still in it, and I hope you keep checking even after you’ve gone.

Here’s the link to the sheet: