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I’ve always been against video replay, but if it increases the chances of us actually getting a penalty, what is one to do?

Not an issue here in fantasy land, of course, although having an experienced voice in my head telling me “What are you doing? Brighton are on a great run.” or similar might help a bit – especially if it drowns out the voice saying “Deeney’s on a roll now.  And he’s only £6.3m!  Buy Deeney!”.  That being the voice I’ve just listened to.  He didn’t speak loud enough for me actually select Troy this week – I’m not a complete idiot.

However, neither of you are here to read about my inability to pick a high scoring team, are you? You’re here to read about other people’s inability to pick a high scoring team. And who am I to disappoint you?

Here you go:

Week 23

Average Score: 71.94 (17 participants) – overall competition average 58

Highest Score: 94 – overall competition high score 131

Overall Competitors: 5,684,200 (an increase of 33,576 – are they running a promotion? Am I missing out on something?)

Eliminated This Week:

With 45 points: Siggy’s Hornets (Simon Holzman)
Gameweek Rank:
Key Selections:
Captain – Sterling (Man City) : 1=2 – successful alternatives: 3 (2 on the bench)
5 others scored 6 between them
Playing Lloris (Spurs) : 6 instead of Gomes, but only if also made captain.
Playing Valencia (Man Utd) : 15 instead of any one of 7 (ouch).

Surviving this week:

Holgate Hornets (Matthew Smith) : 52
Everyone else scored 59+

Top Scorer:

With 94 points : All Gone Pozzo (Stuart Brant)
Gameweek Rank:
14,917 (based on gross score of 98)
Key Selections:
Alonso (Chelsea) : C 8=16
Arnautovic (West Ham) : 16
Kane (Spurs) : 13
Son (Spurs) : 13
Salah (Liverpool) : 11

With 94 points : Unknown XI (Pete Whiteley)
Gameweek Rank:
14,917 (based on gross score of 98)
Key Selections:
Kane (Spurs) : C 13=26
Arnautovic (West Ham) : 16
Pogba (Man Utd) : 11
Salah (Liverpool) : 11

So 16 players going into Week 24 which is the last week before the FA Cup takes over again.

Here’s the sheet: WML_LMS_1718_WK23