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When 2 teams are scheduled to play twice in a single Game Week, it’s vital to select as Captain a player who will play a significant role in both matches.

As opposed to a player who will be rested for the first match, make no scoring contribution to the second, being subbed off after 58 minutes (61 minutes being the cut-off to get a second appearance point and to qualify for the clean-sheet point); thanks, Pep. Just, thanks.
Of course, it matters little if a mid-table (just) struggler like me gets it that wrong, but if you are a multi-competition leading, fantasy football dominating legend – Hello, Stuart – then it’s a pretty catastrophic decision.

Yes, while those of us lucky enough to be there, were enjoying an evening of fun and frolics with Troy, Scott and the other chap, the leader of the WML classic league was crashing and burning out of this Europa League of a side show. To be fair, he had already accepted his likely fate before yesterday’s match had even kicked off – but so he should have.

So let’s have a look at how far the fall was, shall we?

Week 25

Average Score: 71.86 (14 participants) – overall competition average 65.

Highest Score: 95 – overall competition high score 162.

Total competitors: 6,167,401 (+9,488)

Eliminated This Week:

With 42 points: All Gone Pozzo (Stuart Brant)
Gameweek Rank: 5,606,103 – bottom 9.10%
Key Selections:
Captain – Sané (Man City) : 1=2 – from 2 matches, sheesh
successful alternatives : er, no.
4 others scored 8
Nothing there.

Surviving this week:

Let me put it this way. After last week, when only 3 teams scored over 50, this week only 1 team scored fewer than 58, and those details have already been dealt with.

Top Scorer:

With 95 points : Andy’s Aces (Andrew Lennox)
Gameweek Rank: 425,995 – In the top 6.91%
Key Selections:
Sterling (Man City) : C 11=22
Laporte (Man City) : 20
Hazard (Chelsea) : 15

So Week 25, cripes! The remaining 13 need to get organised because Week 26 is in 2 days; well we all need to, don’t we, because it is also the 2nd round of the WML Cup*!

And in the real world, this is what I said last week :
We have a chance to show that Wednesday’s dismal showing was not the first evidence of our much reported tendency to down tools in the second half of a season; will we take it?

Entertainingly, one of the assembled last night took the opportunity to ask pretty much that of T Deeney, who was … significantly unimpressed. Besides, this Saturday it’s Everton, and we all know what that means.

Here’s the sheet: WML_LMS_1819_WK25

*The Herts Senior Cup to this competition’s Europa League