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The thing about this competition (as opposed to the classic league, or the Head-to-Head variety) is that it’s not about scoring lots of points – it’s about scoring enough points.

This means that, in this competition, the successful approach is more likely to be a careful elimination of unnecessary risks rather than a wild gamble that may backfire spectacularly.

Take, as an example, my approach to last weekend’s fixtures.  Do I play Lloris at Everton or Gomes at Southampton?  Ok, so Gomes it is and 7 points gained instead of 6.  But, having selected Gomes, do I also select Femenia? If it goes wrong, that could cost be many points – so I play safe and bench Kiko (and Alderwireld, no I can’t explain that either) in favour of, ahem, Maguire at home to Chelsea and Naughton at home to Newcastle.  Decisions that won me 3 points instead of 16 – playing safe, you see.  That I very nearly escaped by having made Naughton captain just made Newcastle’s late winner all the more painful.  Making Naughton captain instead of Harry Kane represents a thought process where both “thought” and “process” played very little part – I was probably overtired.

We lost just 3 players this week, with few of the hard luck stories you normally see littering this section of these posts – 2 of the 3 had the selected their best performer as captain, or at least selecting their better player instead wouldn’t have saved them.

As for me, a disappointing 45 this week – I restructured the squad via the Wildcard but as detailed earlier, rather messed up with my defenders.

Oh, and could someone do something about Chris Sutton?  Just take away his keyboard and his microphone – as a service to football. And don’t mention Garth Crooks’s Team of the Week – you can’t select Chalobah but you can select Soares? Seriously?

Right, let’s get to it:

Week 4

Average Score: 46.77 (79 participants) – overall competition average 44

Highest Score: 68 (again) – overall competition high score 110

Eliminated This Week:

With 23 points: Les Voyeurs (Greg White)
Gameweek Rank:
4,624,306 (out of 4,946,951 and based on gross score of 27)
Key Selections:
Charged transfer cost -4
9 players (including Mane) scoring 9 between them
Captain – Lukaku (Man Utd) : 6=12 – successful alternatives 0
Forster (Southampton) : 1 instead of Elliott (Newcastle) : 8
Bertrand (Southampton) or Smith (Huddersfield) : 1 each
instead of Otamendi (Man City) : 5
Total possible improvement : 11

With 28 points: Forza Watford (Tom Guzik)
Gameweek Rank:
Key Selections:
8 players (including Mane) scoring 7 between them
Captain – Lukaku (Man Utd) : 6=12 – successful alternatives 0
Foster (WBA) : 2 instead of Elliott (Newcastle) : 8
Cedric (Southampton), Jones (Man Utd) : 1 point each or Hegarzi (WBA) : 0
instead of Lowe (Huddersfield) : 6
Total possible improvement : 12

With 30 points: Namibian Troy Story (Rory O’Sullivan) – last week’s star baker
Gameweek Rank:
Key Selections:
6 players scoring 8 between them
Captain – Firmino (Liverpool) : 2=4 – successful alternatives 3 (1 on bench)
Cedric (Southampton), Daniels or Adam Smith (both Bournemouth) : 1 each
instead of Ward (Burnley) : 8
Total possible improvement : 7


Fools Gold (Andrew Stocks)
Unknown xi (Pete Whitely) : both scoring 31
Holgate Hornets (Matthew Smith)
Jasper Jackals (Debs Vincent)  : both scoring 32

Top Scorer:

With 68 points : Choktaw Bingo (Andrew Taylor)
Gameweek Rank:
Key Selections:
Kane (Tottenham) : (C) 13 = 26 – August is so last month
Jesus (Man City) : 12
Kiko Femenia (Watford) : 11
With a top 3 scoring at that rate – no danger

So, we have 76 players going into Week 4

Here’s the sheet: WML_LMS_1718

See you after Man City.