This is the update for week 13.

No great thoughts, just the details.  Well that and pointing out that we lose another player because of a charged transfer.

Week 13

Average Score: 46.18 (44 participants) – overall competition average 46
Highest Score: 69 – overall competition high score 116
Lowest Surviving Score: 30

Eliminated this week:

18 Aussie Horns (Debs Vincent)
27 Completely Barking (Robert Bell) – this week’s transfers cost 4 points
28 Barnestoneworth Utd (Tim Turner)
28 The Boondoggles (Steve Eustice)

Sighs of relief from:

30 Dublin Over (particularly as 4 points lost to transfers).
31 Jaspers Jets (Almost a doubly whammy for Debs Vincent).

Top of the survivors this week with 69 points : A game of two thirds (Jon Gowshall).

Remaining Teams 40

Here’s the link to the sheet – note that from now I mark the cost of transfers and where the highest, and lowest placed survivor are in the main league :