Well, that was interesting. Being away,  I completely forgot about the Friday night game so when I tried to update my team after dinner … ah.  Seemed to work, though – scored 60 points which was a good deal more than some, as you are about to find out.  Let’s look at this week’s horror stories.

Week 7

Average Score: 47.39 (66 participants)
Highest Score: 70
Lowest Surviving Score: 29

Leaving the tent this week:

9 Anything But Crouch (Steve Dellar) – A new record low score.  Steve actually managed 17, but got charged 8 for his extra transfers.
22 FC Utd Tornado Tej (Tom Rayner)
26 Goalden Boys (Chris Gomm)

Star Baker this week: Troyoftha Rovers (Russ Barker) with 70

Remaining Teams 63

It’s an international break this week – shame that Gareth Southgate isn’t in this competition – that’d be a spot guaranteed.  Glen Johnson – he’s doing it for a bet you know.