This was the opening sentence of last week’s update:
The secret of this competition appears to be just hoping that there’s one team who performed worse that yours did.
And this week saw most of our 17 survivors test that to the full – only for them all to be saved by the most spectacular elimination we’ve seen so far.

To be fair it was a really low scoring week – I naturally look at my own performance first (often in horror) but then I look at the overall average score, which gives a feel for how the scores will look for this competition.  This week, it was 35 which is very low and the first score I looked (that of the overall WML leader) I saw a score of 29 – a score which would have seen him eliminated every week since week 13.  Aha! This could be fun.

Those of you taking an interest in this thing will (may) have spotted that I have started to colour code scores when players have made extra transfers over and been charged for it  – yellow for 4 points, orange for 8, red for 12; I stopped there because, well, nobody would do more than that would they?

Step forward, Paul Moston, and make yourself known.  Paul made 8 transfers this week, at a cost of 28 points.  You read that correctly – 8 for 28 points.  That reduced a joint second highest weekly score of 48 to a dead last score of 20.  Even then, he could’ve saved himself if only he’d made 1 of 2 different captain.

What makes it even worse is that as of today (now the transfer window is shut) we all get another wildcard so you could make 8 transfers today … for free. Spectacular.  Of course it could be that it was all the new players that did the scoring and without those transfers his score would’ve been even worse, but I can’t see your transfer history and I need a narrative each week so there we are.

The rest of you can just be grateful that it happened this week.

The details, then:

Week 23

Average Score: 34.29 (17 participants) – overall competition average 35
Highest Score: 50 – overall competition high score 94
Lowest Surviving Score: 25

Eliminated this week:

20 Wonderstuff 2016-17 (Paul Moston)

Thanking Paul this week:

25 Glory Hornet Boys (Simon Peat)

Close calls for:
27 gloryhornetboys (Mike James)
29 Horns of a Dilemma (Adam Isaacs) – the WML league leader
Only 4 teams scored 40 or above.

Top scorer this week with 50 points : Chiringuito Allstars (Gareth Reynolds).

Remaining Teams 16.

So what happened? Well, this was Paul’s team, although they actually scored 48 points, the second highest:
De Gea (Man Utd) : 6 points
Cahill (Chelsea)  : 2
Brunt (WBA) : 2
Shawcross (Stoke) : 0
Koscielny (Arsenal) : 1
Schneiderlin (Everton) : 2
Alli (Spurs) : 3
Iwobi (Arsenal) : 9
Sanchez (Arsenal) Triple Captain : 4=12
Kane (Spurs) : 2
Crouch (Stoke) : 9

Making either Iwobi or Crouch Triple Captain instead would have scored enough to be safe. Hindsight, eh?
GK Robinson (Burnley) : 0
Def Fonte (West Ham) : 0
Mid Snodgrass (West Ham) : 1
Fwd Carroll (West Ham) : 1

Gameweek Position : 324,243

Moving on

This was Garteh’s team:
De Gea (Man Utd) : 6 points
Coleman (Everton)  : 5
Azpilicueta (Chelsea) : 2
Stones (Man City) : 6
Capoue (Watford) : 5
Sanchez (Arsenal) Captain : 4=8
Alli (Spurs) : 3
Lallana (Liverpool) : 2
Rondon (WBA) : 2
Kane (Spurs) : 2
Deeney (Watford) : 9
GK Pickford (Sunderland) : 0
Def Britos (Watford) : 2
Def Clyne (Liverpool) : 2
Mid Fletcher (WBA) : 5

Gameweek Position : 209,547

And my score this week? 24 points. Just call me Arsene.

Here’s the link to the sheet: