Well, what a week that was.  Hands up who made Aguerro captain?
And hands up those who had Costa (12 points) in their team and didn’t make him captain? That’s my hand in the air.  Didn’t make Hazard (9) captain either; no, my captain was Walcott, so 3points got doubled up to 6 – yay me.

Some good team names went this week, and I think we really should salute The Britos Empire at this point.  When the 40 players managed 4 scores of 88 or above and the 3 highest average, it takes some kind of team selection to score just 16.

Week 14

Average Score: 55.03 (40 participants) – overall competition average 50
Highest Score: 99 – overall competition high score 149
Lowest Surviving Score: 33

Eliminated this week:

16 The Britos Empire (Paul Sherlock)
26 1.FC Hamburgler (Matthew Smith)
32 Singwhenyourwinning (Paul Smyth)

Sighs of relief from:

33 Horse & Jockey FC (after surviving by 2 in Week 12).
34 Cotswold ‘Orns (At 79th, the survivor who is placed lowest in the main league).

Top of the survivors this week with a record 99 points : Mrs Dells Bloomers (Mrs Dell) – Sanchez as captain saw 23 points doubled up to 46. So that’s how it’s done.

Remaining Teams 37 – at this rate, I’ll be changing to dropping just the lowest score in Week 21.

Here’s the link to the sheet – note that from now I mark the cost of transfers and where the highest, and lowest placed survivor are in the main league :