One of the features of this competition is that even the better performers can have a bad week, and we have already lost 4 of the main league’s current Top 20.
This week, however, those eliminated are occupying 91st, 79th and 74th positions.
This may be not unconnected with this being the highest scoring week so far, with the highest average score ( 56.05 against Week 5’s 55.73) and a new record high, set in Week 4.
Week 5 saw 3 scores of 35 or over eliminated (including a so far high score of 40) and this is only the 2nd week where 30 has not been enough to be safe.

Well that’s enough waffling from me – let’s get down to the details.

Week 10

Average Score: 56.05 (55 participants) – a new high
Highest Score: 93 – also a new high
Lowest Surviving Score: 33

This week’s Frank De Boers:

23 Acton Hornets (Paul Goldsmith)
24 Success Isaac Success (David Bell)
32 Fright Club (Tyler Durden)

Getting the vote of confidence from the chairman:

33 Abdi Memorial XI, Game of Throwins, Walter’s Matildas
35 AC Goat, Wonderstuff 2016-17

Setting a new record high score with 93 points: Completely Barking (Robert Bell).

Remaining Teams 52

Here’s a link to the latest spreadsheet: