We’ve all done it.  In that new season excitement you enter all sorts of competitions and then, as reality kicks in, it all becomes too much and you stop; or, even worse, you lose interest right at the start and just don’t bother; or you decide that, as part of some experiment or other, you will stick with your original selections come what may.

You can identify these sort of entries by looking at their transfer history; 4 of this week’s 5 drop outs have 1 transfer … between them … all season.

Ironically (are you reading this, Alanis?) the 5th and final eliminated team went solely because their owner made 1 too many transfers … this week – unlucky, James.

Here are the details:

Week 11

Average Score: 47.27 (52 participants) – overall competition average 52
Highest Score: 71 – overall competition high score 129
Lowest Surviving Score: 29

This week’s Dance-off Losers – like they care:

22 Walter’s Matildas (Nigel Bevan)
26 Troyoftha Rovers (Russ Barker)
28 Eleven of Troy (Ed Sleath)
28 Hilda Travels FC ((Korline “Hilda” Hasley)
28 Watford (James McNeill) – 4 transfers at a cost of -8

Getting the benefit of the doubt:

29 DuklaPrague Away Kit
Next safest scored 32

Top of the tree this week with 71 points (not that it matters – past performance is no guarantee, etc): No Hopers (Richard Lake).

Remaining Teams 47

Here’s a link to the latest spreadsheet: