Well, then.  Just 33 teams left in and we get a full midweek program and the result is no disastrous scores, but an awful lot of low scores, a high score way out of line with everyone else and 6 (six!) teams eliminated.
Interestingly (oh, come on) after last week’s transfer fest only 2 teams made charged transfers and even then it was only 4 points each – perhaps some of you forgot?
With no disasters being recorded, this was a very dangerous week with not even 34 points being enough and we’re all back on the horse in 2 days.  And the players think this a tough time?

The details, then:

Week 16

Average Score: 46.67 (33 participants) – overall competition average 48
Highest Score: 81 – overall competition high score 154 (are these real?)
Lowest Surviving Score: 36

Eliminated this week:

30 Abdi Memorial XI (Nick Chainey) – the lowest placed of this week’s participants.
30 Hail, Gus Caesar (Jamie Parkins)
33 Jezza’s Jewels (Jeremy Davis)

33 Namibian Troy Story (Rory Osullivan)
34 Horse & Jockey FC (Richard Taylor)
34 What Ford? (Graeme Ford)

And relax:

36 Happy Hornets (Nick Garvey)

Top scorer this week with 81 points : The Hornet Boys (John Harvey) – 11 points each from Walker, Williams, Fabregas and Ibrahimovic, with Ibra as captain (and Williams as an automatic substituion).

Remaining Teams 27 – so almost a quarter of the remaining field go in 72 hours).  I’ll now expect to start dropping just the lowest score from Week 19.

Here’s the link to the sheet – note that from now I mark the cost of transfers and where the highest, and lowest placed survivor are in the main league :