Well, well, well.  Just as the Manager of the Month is believed to have a curse, along with finishing top of the play-off places, last week’s top scoring survivor bites the dust in fairly spectacular fashion. Yes big Darren Sear has gone.
If it’s any consolation, Daz, the 3 transfers made no difference at all as both old and new players scored 11 points and your unadjusted score of 28 would still not have been enough.  Ah well.

Here are the details.

Week 9

Average Score: 41.68 (59 participants)
Highest Score: 67
Lowest Surviving Score: 29

This week’s Karl Robinsons:

15 Rapid Derrysaspastic (Richard Roy)
20 Daz Army (Darren Sear)
28 Argonauts (Laurence Dupont)
28 B&D United (Ben Williams)

Setting themselves up nicely for Week 10: Dukla Prague Away Kit (Lee Bowen).

Remaining Teams 55

Here’s a link to the latest spreadsheet:


Good luck next week – assuming you are still in it, of course.