A record setting week, then – just not quite the record that one of us would have wanted – hi, Gareth.  To revisit a line often repeated hereabouts, what you are looking for when you have an off week, is that someone has an even worse one.  Unfortunately what we got this week that all but one of our players had pretty good weeks, resulting in a record setting gap of 22 points. Ouch.

As I say, our 7 survivors all scored pretty well this week with 4 scores in the 50s and 2 over 80.

Week 32

Average Score: 61.88 (8 participants) – overall competition average 56

Highest Score: 89 – overall competition high score 144 (who are these people?)

Lowest Surviving Score: 53 (22 points clear – a new record)

Eliminated this week:

With 31 points: Chiringuito Allstars (Gareth Reynolds)

Key Selections: Kane as Captain (1=2) and Deeney and Pedro who scored 1 each.  To be honest, though, with that kind of gap (and that squad), nothing could be done.

Gameweek Rank: 4,216,666 (out of 4,468,591)


Safe this week:

With 53 points:

Hornetz (David Weale),

Top scorer this week with 89 points : Ratford United (Ian Hayter).

Key Selections:

Son : Spurs 19
Costa : C 8=16
Lukaku : 13
Zaha : 11
Hazard : 10
Heaton : 7
He could even afford to field Holebas (0 points, you’ll be amazed to read)
When it’s your day, it’s your day.

Gameweek Rank: 56,308

Remaining Teams – 7.

And, just so you know, here they are:

A game of two thirds Jon Gowshall
Forza Watford Tom Guzik
Hornetz David Weale
Horns of a Dilemma Adam Isaacs
Off to Okavanga Derek Fabb
Ratford United Ian Hayter
When Ken’s Fishing Ian Poole

I wonder if Llorente’s fit? Got to be worth a go. Who are they playing? Ah.

Here is the sheet: