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And I thought week 32’s scores had been low – yikes, this was horrible.

With 5 weeks left in the season, we’re down to ours last 4 players, as 2 more are dropped this week – one of them having taken an 8 point hit for transfers.  In these situations, it really becomes a tale of what if, or to be more accurate a tale of “Oh, for goodness’ sake”, once it sinks in that a single point is all it would’ve taken.

My excuse is that we got back from a short break in the early hours of Saturday morning and it wasn’t until I was on the train to Watford that I had that “No, I didn’t do my team!” moment.  18 points.  I’m only here to make the rest look good, I admit it.  And, boy did they need my help this week.

Here’s the sorry story:

Week 33

Average Score: 31.33 (6 participants) – overall competition average 32

Highest Score: 38 (unsurprisingly, a new low) – overall competition high score 102

Overall Competitors: 5,874,177 (an increase of 11,311 – it’s not too late, guys, really it isn’t.)

Eliminated This Week:

With 24 points : Fairfielders (Avi Govind)
Gameweek Rank:
Key Selections:
Captain – Kane (Spurs) : 1=2 – successful alternatives: 7 (really)
8 others scored 13 between them
As with last week, hindsight is wonderful, but when you only need 1 extra point.  Playing King or Naughton (Swansea) : 2 instead of any of Lowton (Burnley), Morgan (Leicester) or our very own Kiko Femenia : 1 would’ve been enough.

With 24 points : Unknown XI (Pete Whiteley)
Gameweek Rank:
3,031,206 (based on gross score of 32)
Key Selections:
Captain – Aubameyang (Arsenal) : 6=12 – successful alternatives: 1 (Zaha : 7)
8 others scored 10 between them
Transfer cost 8
Nothing would’ve helped.

Surviving this week:

gloryhornetboys (Mike James) : 31
Maverick Hornets (Andrew Templeman) : 35
GloryHornetBoys (Glyn Francies) : 36 (gross 40)

Top Scorer:

With 38 points : Holgate Hornets (Matthew Smith)
Gameweek Rank:
Key Selections:
Aubameyang (Arsenal) : C 6=12

And so we are down to the last 4 going into Week 34.  An early finish, then.

Here’s the sheet: WML_LMS_1718_WK33